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How to create an effective digital marketing strategy?

how to create digital marketing strategy

How to create an effective digital marketing strategy?

Understanding your ideal customer is one of the most crucial steps in the life-cycle of any brand. Not only does it help in targeting the right segment, it also helps in minimizing wasted ad-spend. Impersonate your ideal customer and build a path gradually leading to your brand. Utilize available channels, break down advertisement budget, and estimate growth. Always keep in mind, an effective digital marketing strategy is as effective as its goals.

Your digital marketing strategy is your blueprints for success.

What to include in a digital marketing strategy?

Focus on your ideal user persona(s) when creating your digital marketing strategy. Consider the strategy as a step by step manual to reach the audience that matters to your brand.

Here are some elements you should always try to include in your digital marketing strategy.

  • Ideal user persona(s) including wants and needs.
  • Buyers journey and how to target each stage.
  • Conversion funnel aligned with available digital marketing channels and tools.
  • The estimated growth of your brand, weather it’s the number of followers, rank, or conversions.

If you’re in eCommerce then try to include (optional).

  • The 7 P’s of marketing (Product, place, promotion, price, people, packaging, and positioning).

What is a conversion funnel?

Conversion funnel is a multi-stage process that starts with the consumer and ends with a conversion. It is the pathway which the consumer takes in order to convert, weather it’s a purchase, a like, or a subscribe, etc. It consists of 4 stages (usually) attract, convert, close, and delight. When combined with available digital marketing channels/tools it will become the most effective way to consistent growth.

How to create the demand for a product/service?

A great marketeer once said

There will never be a sale without a need

Regardless of how well-planned and thought-out your product or service is, you will not be able to succeed online unless there’s a demand for it, and your goals as a digital marketeer is to either create or satisfy this demand. Reach the right customers at the right time means to reach your customers at the right stage. A customer looking for a bottle of water is more than likely thirsty and is in the market looking for a solution. While a strolling person may not be aware of this thirst. Therefore, your message and the channel you choose is also critical.

Reach the right customers, at the right time, through the right channel.

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