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reputation monitoring
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Reputation Monitoring

The marketing mix is no longer about Price, Product, Promotion, and Place! It's now about the People and how they feel about your brand. Whether the people on your team, or the people you are targeting as a brand. And, just like how the internet has revolutionized the way we shop, it also revolutionized the way people interact with their favorite, and not so favorite brands. People now have a powerful tool to review and share their opinion.


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Your customers are talking about you, and soon they will share their opinion publicly. That if they haven’t done so already! You need to take control of your online reputation if you want your brand to survive, let alone succeed in today’s digital world. Which means, you need to monitor these platforms constantly to make sure you utilize good reviews, and mend not-so-good reviews.

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Why Reputation Management?

There are hundreds of review platforms plus the social media channels. And, keeping up with all the reviews on all platforms may seem impossible without the right help. At Mighty Leap, we’ve partnered up with one of the top reputation management platforms to bring you a simple way to manage your online reputation. Our platform gives you access to everything everyone is saying about your brand. More importantly, it gives you a way to transform bad reviews to good reviews so you could use it to build your credibility and authority.

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Marketing affects everyone, we are all consumers.

Mighty Leap offers a wide range of Digital Marketing Solutions suitable for businesses of all types. Whether you’re looking for help with a certain product/project, or need an effective and results-driven digital marketing strategy, we got you covered. Check out our plans or contact us and let us know your goals.