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Digital marketing in Egypt during COVID-19

digital marketing in egypt

Digital marketing in Egypt during COVID-19

The spread of COVID-19 affected many businesses, not only in Egypt, but on a global scale as well. Curfews, quarantine, and the fear of this new pandemic forced many businesses to close the doors of many branches, and in some cases close all brick-and-mortar doors. As a result, many businesses shifted their focus from the brick-and-mortar business strategy to other ways to reach their customers, and at the same time increase customer base. Making digital marketing one of the most suitable, rewarding, and less expensive marketing channels in 2020, and if utilized effectively it can be the best step for a wide range of Egyptian brands in a wide range of sectors.

Digital marketing works, you just have to know how to apply it

How can companies in Egypt survive COVID-19?

COVID-19 altered the landscape and transformed storefronts into easily deployed digital displays and targeted ads. More importantly, it reconstructed the consumer behavior who now spend significantly more time online. Irreversibly infusing digital marketing into the business plans of many small, medium, and large Egyptian companies.

With new challenges come new opportunities, new ways to reach and understand consumers along with their needs, wants, and demands. And COVID-19 is no difference, it may have closed many brick-and-mortar doors but it opened the doors to easier and more effective ways to market.

In conclusion:

Now, is the right time to consider digital marketing and a digital marketing strategy for your brand if you want it to survive the next pandemic. Offline marketing is a great channel that usually yeild great results, but when combined with digital marketing, it can give your brand a mighty leap into the next phase of customer aquisition and revenues.

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