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What is brand awareness

What is brand awareness? and how to increase it?

The story of digital marketing starts at the birth of a new brand, with a new way to solve a problem or to satisfy a need. Since not all brands are created equal a digital marketer must compose a strategy of how this particular brand will be one of the best, if not the best, in the market. The first step in this strategy should be to understand the brand identity, brand proposition(s), and competitive advantage. Next, the digital marketer should determine the targeted segment who will benefit from this brand the most. Aligning consumers’ needs with these elements is at the heart of brand awareness.


What is brand awareness?

The idea behind brand awareness is to create a digital buzz around your brand worthy of sharing and remembering. Brand awareness is the extent of familiarity and the ability for consumers to recall and recognize a brand. Moreover, associate a certain brand with a need and how to satisfy it. Brand awareness, if used strategically, can benefit the business tremendously by embedding the brand into consumers’ lifestyle and purchasing habits. Ultimately become an irreplaceable part of their lives.


Why is it important?

Establishing brand awareness especially in the early stages of your business is a vital step towards securing a solid foundation for your brand. Which will later give your brand the face, personality, and the voice that are needed to build a trustworthy relationship with your current, and potential clients.

In today’s digital world where consumers rely on extensive research and probing before making the slightest purchase decision, trust is the first step. Building a trustworthy with your targeted segment takes a great deal of deliberate planning. Some of the benefits of brand awareness are:

  • Higher ROI.
  • Higher market share.
  • Ability to expand to new segments or countries.
  • Ability to turn consumers to brand ambassadors.


How to increase it?

The process of establishing brand awareness, like many other brand aspects, is not overnight or accidental. It is the finished product of a comprehensive process and the result of multiple simultaneous efforts that extent far beyond sales pitches and revenues report. It is a powerful ally with an unmistakable impact on your marketing efforts, consumer perception, and in turn revenues and ROI.

Here are 2 ways to increase your brand awareness

  • Organically.
  • Paid channels.


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