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3 Ways to increase brand awareness with paid ads

Paid Ads

How to increase your brand awareness through paid ads?

Almost all digital channels offer free and paid options to promote your product or service. Paid advertisements almost always guarantee better results and more reach, with relatively smaller efforts than organic strategy. The first rule to remember when planning your ad is picking the right channels for your brand. Surprisingly, some tend to think of Facebook as strictly B2C, but based on our experience Facebook can also play a major role for B2B businesses. As you can see, picking the right channel for your brand is half the battle. It will help you save money, time, and resources.

Not only can paid advertisements help you increase your brand awareness, it can also help you target new segments and locations, increase your traffic, and promote a sale. On the other hand, paid advertisements are used to boost your reach for a short period of time, while content marketing and a good understanding of your brand proposition(s) will ensure your brand is constantly reaching more audience.

Here are 3 ways to increase your brand awareness through paid advertisements.

Social Media.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media channels offer a way to promote your business and increase the number of your fans, followers, and audience for a fee. When it comes to social media ads always remember to do your research and to target the right segment for your brand, especially if it’s a startup business. This stage will determine your engagement ratio later on, and therefore your credibility and authority not only to Google, the chief master of all search engines, but to also your future followers and your potential clients.

Google Ads.

Perhaps the most utilized paid channel. Google Ads let you target Google users by determining related keywords. According to Google it is an online advertising platform where advertisers pay to display brief ads or product offerings. Utilizing Google Ads can bring the right audience to your website. Not only improving your rank tremendously, also increase your ROI.


Sponsorship is financially supporting in whole or in part a certain event. A great example of successful sponsorship strategy is Nike™. How a sportswear company became one of the iconic symbols of living healthy, and how we became to love their slogans “Just Do It”. Ironically, sponsorship gives your business the same boost. Sponsorship lets you put your brand in front of an immeasurable amount of people who would be interested in your brand. It gives your brand leverage, image, and voice.

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