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3 ways to increase brand awareness organically

3 Ways to increase brand awareness through organic channel

Have you ever noticed how some brands have more market share than others like Microsoft™ and Apple™, how a brandname is no longer a product or service but something much more like Google™ and Bandaid™, or why people love the brandname effect like Nike™ and Louis Vuitton™. The secret is in the extra layer of happiness, luxury, or value you get from these brands. Whether it’s the top notch technology and stability of Apple, problem solver of Bandaid and Google, or the feelings associated with Nike and Louis Vuitton. Brand awareness is how the market sees your brand, while increasing your brand awareness is increasing the level of familiarity consumers have with your brand and spreading the message wider. Increasing your brand awareness is the most vital first step of your brand especially if you are a startup. If you’re looking for long life, ROI, and a constant flow of leads then you should consider increasing your brand awareness. It’s not an easy job, but it’s definitely not impossible and here are 3 ways to achieve great results.

Deliver Value

Focus on the value of your message and how it will help your audience. Promoting shares and going viral takes efforts. So, spend some time with your audience and your ideal consumer personas and try to solve their problems. Remember, approach each customer with the intention of solving their problems and minimize sales pitches. Sharing infographics, studies, and insights will multiply your brand exposure.

Give Freely

Find a higher purpose of your content than to sell and create a content strategy to fulfill this purpose. Always remember, if you want your brand to win the brand wars, let alone survive, then you must get personal with your followers and audience. Think of it as building a friendship with your readers and your community. Not only will it have a reciprocation effect, it will more importantly leave your audience and your potential clients feeling grateful.

Creativity & Consistency

Your ultimate goal when increasing your brand awareness is to make your brand stand out and at the same time to be recognized by your audience. Consistency and creativity could help you achieve this by delivering the same creative message across all digital channels. Build a brand guideline to help your team stay in track across all platforms. Unify your message and how you’d like your brand to be remembered, and your consistency will pay off.

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