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What are you waiting for? Your clients are waiting for you! With Mighty Leap you can achieve unprecedented growth. Increase your brand awareness, lower your acquisition costs, and provide pre and after sale support. We’ll analyze your digital landscape and help you achieve your goals with a results-driven digital marketing strategy.

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Our success is derived from the success of our clients. Working with us will enhance your reach, generate more leads, and help you convert these leads into sales. We’ve been constructing laser-sharp conversion funnels on video channels, social media, website, and other platforms for the past 6 years. Needless to say, our reputation is built on an immaculate record of real-life results.


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2D Animation

Nothing says it better than video. That’s why videos achieve +300% better results than any other media type

Content Creation

Every brand has a story, and your story starts with how your brand will help the market and how the market will love it, and we’ll fill in the rest

Research & Analysis

Extensive research and clear data should be at the core of any results-driven digital marketing strategy, from SWOT, and CPA all the way to impression share.

Innovation & Creativity

Ever heard “it’s not what s/he said, but how s/he said it.” We don’t just deliver the message, we do it like it’s never been done before

Customized Reports

Digital marketing jargon can be confusing, but we got you covered. We'll translate all the data into numbers and keep you updated monthly with customized reports

Coffee & Chess

We’ve spent a lot of time searching for the perfect line, waiting for a video to render, or for the delivery guys, and we’ve made plenty of coffee cups. Come and visit our office for a cup.

CrownDigital Solutions

Digital Marketing

We live in a digitized world with network highways and billboards on both sides, and if you want your brand to survive then you must be online too.

Social Media Management

Think your website is the most valuable communication channel? Think again. Don’t believe us, ask Google.

Reputation Monitoring

Information is now closer to consumers more than ever, and to keep a five star rating you’re going to need some help

Search Engine Optimization

Chances are, there’s someone online right now looking for your product and asking Google about it. We’ll make sure Google points them in the right direction

Website Development

In the digital world your website is your fortress, a game-changing marketing asset. We’ll make sure your website not only looks good but also easy to navigate

Mobile App Development

We’ve partnered up with the best Tech Agency in Egypt to bring you the best native platform-specific mobile apps with high performance, high availability and the utmost user experience.

Digital Marketing
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Digital Marketing helps you build meaningful and long lasting relationships with your audience. More importantly, digital marketing helps you keep your current clients engaged, entertained, and loyal to your brand. That’s why you need a partner to help you optimize your digital presence, who’s experienced in today’s trends, best practices, and the constantly changing digital algorithms.

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Digital Marketing That Works

Mighty Leap
Digital Marketing Agency

You planned, perfected, and patented a product that you think the market will pursue now let us help you spread the message. We’ll look at the market and identify your opportunities and put together a detailed plan on how to cease the full potential of your product. In other words, with the right message at the right time we’ll help create a buzz around your brand that’s worth sharing.

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    Research & Fieldwork

    Determining your business goals and your clients’ needs is a crucial step of any successful digital marketing road-map. This step will allow us to perfectly align your business offer(s) and proposition(s) with your clients’ needs.

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    Strategy & Process

    In today's digitally dominated world, a big part of your marketing strategy should be online. We'll start by determining the ideal user persona(s) and identifying your digital marketing goals, all the way to determining your sub-strategies.

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    Development & QA

    Once the marketing mix is determined, we'll compile everything together and create specific tactics that will help you reach your goals i.e develop lead magnet widget, redesign website based on today's trends, create a social media campaign, etc.

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    Deployment & A/B Testing

    Deliver the final solution, whether it's a new or redesigned social media channel, a new conversion funnel in the form of a landing page, or a short/long term marketing campaign, etc.

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We believe there’s always a need for every product/service. We’ll align your business proposition / product offering with your consumers needs and in turn, allow you to put your brand at their fingertips. Just let us know your goals and we’ll help you achieve it.

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Our reputation is built on an immaculate record of real-life results

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