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SEO/ASO Services

First page of SERP

There are hundreds of SEO metrics and tools. In 2018 alone there were 7 SEO updates including 3 core ones. Keeping up with these updates and how it would affect traffic and ranking of your site could be overwhelming atop of taking care of your business, and that’s why you need the help of experts who can apply these rules and constantly monitor your rank.


The most important success factor of any website. 80% of purchasing decisions made with the help of a search engine, it’s time to become best friends with search engines and speak the same language


Off-Page refers to activities that you can execute outside the boundaries of your website to help you rank higher such as Link Building, Social Media Marketing, Feedback & reviews, etc. Off-Page helps you rank higher and more importantly, faster.

Our Services

Digital Marketing

Mighty Leap offers a diverse range of Digital Marketing services suitable for businesses of all types. Whether you’re looking for help with a certain product/project, or a fully dedicated and results-driven digital marketing strategy, we got you covered. Check out our plans or contact us and let us know your goals.

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Free SEO AnalysisFree SEO Analysis
Our Services

Search Engine Optimization

More than 90% of traffic never make it to the second page of SERP, and that’s the difference between an effective SEO strategy and an ineffective or no strategy at all. SEO is a set of benchmarks, it’s also a common language between your website content and search engines’ crawlers. The good news, we can help you rank higher and increase your brand exposure.

Free SEO AnalysisFree SEO Analysis
SEO/ASO Services

First line of content

SEO optimizing your website helps you rank higher against your competitors and other internet clutter. Not only does it determine your rank, SEO also determines keywords your website will rank for, and in turn the type of traffic. If you’re selling round-trip tickets to the moon you wouldn’t want to rank for gas prices, but rather attract traffic that’s relevant to your business and interested in travel per say. Here are some of the SEO factors that we focus on.

















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